6 Monthly Marketing Videos

$750.00 now, and $750.00 on the 1st of each month and a $249.00 sign-up fee


  • Six monthly hardware store marketing videos based on bargains or deals of the month to promote in a fun, humorous manner.
  • Social Media Strategy Guide
  • Grow212 Posting of Videos to your Facebook Business Page
  • 5 Branded or generic “How to” post shares to your Facebook Business Page
  • Custom Bumper

Note: Pricing is per location. If you own multiple stores, call to discuss options for a combined discount.

First payment: February 1, 2021


All videos and posts will be staggered throughout the month based on the timeliness of the deal of the month, product, or content being shared. Company-wide sales and calendar events (i.e. holidays, seasonally related activities) are taken into consideration for posts.

The initial $249 setup covers the Custom Bumper and Social Media connection for campaigns. This is a short, custom video promoting your store location and contact info. You’ll need to email a quality image of the outside of your store to be used in the video. Grow212 will also need to be added to your Facebook Business Page to manage social media campaigns.

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