6 Monthly Marketing Videos Plus Social Media Posting

6 Monthly Marketing Videos Plus Social Media Posting

$449.00 now, and $449.00 on the 1st of each month and a $199.00 sign-up fee


Six monthly hardware store marketing videos based on bargains or deals of the month to promote in a fun, humorous manner.

With this package, we’ll merge your custom bumper videos with the six monthly videos and post them to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube as applicable for you.

The initial $199 setup covers the Custom Bumper. This is a short, custom video promoting your store location and contact info. You’ll need to email a quality image of the outside of your store to be used in the video. Instructions on merging the bumper reel with your monthly videos and how to share online will be emailed to you.

Note: Pricing is per location. If you own multiple stores, call to discuss options for a combined discount.

First payment: February 1, 2021


After signing up, we’ll reach out to you to verify your business location information and to get a high resolution image from you of the front of your store. For our team to post to your Facebook, Instagram, and/or YouTube social media accounts, we’ll need to have permissions and access shared. We’ll work to establish that as well to help with scheduling these posts throughout the month.

Boosted posts will be coordinated with your team, and the additional amounts for promoting occasional videos will be charged directly to you through your Facebook, Instagram, or Google/YouTube account as applicable.

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